Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentine's Day

Today is such a good day that it should be my birthday & not valentine's day.

Today I got up early and showered and went to meet a guy for breakfast who I met at a radio conference. Even though the only other times I'd talked to him were at the conference and on the phone, we had a great visit made all the more great by the complete lack of any sexual or romantic over- or undertones.

Now I'm at work, but only for half the day.

In just two short hours, I'll go to the theater where the play I'm in will be performed and spend the afternoon with a bunch of people I adore.

After our tech. rehearsal, I'll be free for the rest of the evening and I might even get to see my awesome drummer friend for a drink.

I'm feeling so lucky to be spending the day with lovely people who I really like, doing a variety of activities that I deeply enjoy.

Maybe I should be single every Valentine's day . . .

Thursday, February 03, 2005

dead bug

I cleaned the hair out of the hair catching thing in my shower drain earlier this evening.

You know how there's, like, a trail of hairs stretching down into the drain but attached to the hair catcher thing that gets pulled up with the hair catcher thing?

There was some kind of bug - a spider I think . . . a red legged spider - caught in that dangley hair part.

It was dead.

But still.

Eeiw gross, right?


Has anyone else noticed that there are a lot of single young women on friendster who are in malysia and the phillipines?

I'm having this idea - go ahead and call it a "fantasy" if you must - that they're all oppressed mail-order brides. I imagine that friendster has become this perfect place for the mail-order-bride . . . people . . . to set up shop undetected. I don't think that friendster is probably at fault, but unbeknownst to almost everyone, a sinister world of prostution and slavery exists beneath friendster's smiley surface.

And in, like, a year or eighteen months some reporter is going to break the story. We'll all be horrified. Parents will pull kids off of friendster like it's some kind of dungeons and dragons manual.

You heard it here first.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

you know who you are

sweet b
missing u