Friday, May 13, 2005

guys guys gu-

this morning before i woke up i had a dream featuring a scruffy-faced young tom hanks - it was post "bosom buddies" but pre "big" - in a movie with scruffy-faced jim belushi and dan akroyd and other funny-type guys who were around then. it was an animal house/revenge of the neards type picture. the part that i dreamed is where tom hanks is on his knees in his blue and black checked bathrobe and he's kinda freaking out and he's trying to get the attention of his friends to tell them something. and he's saying "guys guys gu-" over and over "guys guys gu-, guys guys gu-, guys guys gu-"

it was pretty funny in my dream and now i can't stop saying it.

guys guys gu-


this morning i was absent-mindedly listening to npr.

they were talking about Iraqui jihadi's . . . like people who were waging or in favor of jihad . . . ? i'd never heard the word used that way.

no matter.

what I heard was a story about Iraqui J-Hotties.


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

something i bet you didn't know

imagine that you're underground at the times square/42st subway stop.
can you picture how the A/C/E trains are set off aways from the rest - the 7, 1/9, N/R?
now, can you imagine that long tunnel/corridor that you walk through to get across town underground from the A/C/E to those other trains? this is the corridor with those signs hidden up in the metal rafters that say things like "overslept," "so tired," "why bother" with a picture of a rumpled bed at the end of the sequence.
okay. so imagine that corridor.
the lights in that corridor, in conjunction with the aforementioned metal rafters, cast a pattern on the white tiled walls that makes them look like argyle.
and this is the sort of thing that's hard to notice when the corridor is filled with people, but when it's empty or near-empty . . . argyle lighting all the way through.