Thursday, August 25, 2005

Best Friend MIA

Last night, I rode the E train to West 4th and then the F train to 2nd Ave where I exited from the front of the train onto Housten/Allen St.

As I was leaving the F train, I noticed a man.

He was reading the same issue of the New Yorker that I was reading.
He had iPod white headphones in his ears - which I didn't, but only because I left my iPod at home.
But best of all - the thing that let me know that this man and I were DESTINED to be BEST FRIENDS - was that, as he turned and walked up the stairs in front of me, I saw that on the back of his jean jacket was embroidered one word. "UGH"

"This man speaks my language," I thought.

I slowed my pace. I figured I'd follow him.
But then, he went down Allen St. while I needed to continue East on Houston. And I lost him.


or, rather, UGH.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

delicious beverage

i'll tell you what's crazy!
(since i haven't told you much in a while)

today at lunch time
i rode the elevator downstairs
and i walked to fifth avenue
and i crossed fifth avenue
and i walked down one block to 51st street
and i turned left towards madison
and went to the prime burger
and i got myself an egg cream
and i brought it back to work
and i drank it with the other half of the sliced egg sandwich i brought for lunch.
and it was remarkably delicious.

i calculated the calories for all of the food i've so-far eaten today at
and the egg cream accounts for almost HALF of all of the calories in one day.
one lunch-time beverage = HALF of my calories!

it was worth it, though.
i really needed that egg cream.