Sunday, October 30, 2005

Weekend Adventures


On Saturday, I was shopping in a hardware store on Ninth Ave. for elements of my Halloween costume - Danger Girl. I was buying "Danger" and "Beware of Dog" signs to stick to me and I was looking for some of that yellow Caution tape to use as some kind of sash or something. The nice hardware store guy went all around the store looking for me and finally he came back and said, "we only have this 'Danger' tape is that okay?"
"THAT'S EVEN BETTER!!!" I screamed.
"So you're in theater, huh?" he asked.
I was so caught.


Today I was having brunch outside with my boyfriend and friend of mine from college. We were having a great time. Eggs. Beautiful day. Great people. What could be better? An old woman came walking along and stopped and leaned in from outside the sidewalk-dining partition and, we all later agreed, for a split second we were all affraid of what would happen. Would she say something crazy? Would she ask for money? Would she spit on our food? And she looked at me and smiled and said "someone's happy."
I said, "That's me." And she was gone.
Thing is: she was right. And I like to think that the whole world CAN see how happy I am even though that's probably an overly romantic take on it. :)


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