Friday, January 27, 2006


It's been so long since I've posted anything . . . today, to get the ball rolling again, I have two small items.

First item
Here is the quote of the day, straight from my boyfriend's lips to this blog: "At least I get an A for effort . . . from myself."

Second item
I love Oprah! More specifically, I love that Oprah had a whole show about James Frey and how he made things up in his book. I haven't read the book. I don't care about it at all, actually. What I do care about is that Oprah didn't need to stick to her original show or even the call she made to the Larry King show in support of Frey. I love that she's willing to change, clarify, refine her position and that she doesn't see it and isn't allowing it to be positioned as any kind of losing face.

Bonus third item
Ironic: when I just spell-checked the above, spell-checker tried to correct my use of the word "blog," suggesting "bloc." Talk about lack of self-awareness . . .